Dubai Future Labs, Japan Science and Technology Agency announce R&D collaboration

DUBAI: Dubai Future Labs and Osaka University, under the oversight of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), have signed an agreement to collaborate in the research and development (R and D) of new technologies and concepts.

The agreement is in line with ‘Dubai Research and Development Programme’, which aims to support key economic sectors and create new opportunities for growth by providing a comprehensive framework for research, development and innovation across the emirate.

Under the agreement, Dubai Future Labs, and JST’s Moonshot Goal 1 will engage in joint R and D activities together with the University of Electro-Communications, RIKEN, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International and Cyber Agent, Inc., and establish a world-class research laboratory, under the theme of Cybernetic Avatar Alliance: Dubai Japan Laboratories for Cybernetic Avatar Technologies.

The collaboration will focus on conducting cutting-edge research activities in the field of cybernetic avatars across thr
ee projects: operating a large number of Cybernetic Avatars (CAs) by a single operator using a large language model (LLM), developing a cybernetic avatar robot suitable for multicultural interactions and social acceptance studies on different types of Cybernetic Avatars (CAs).

DFL and JST’s combined efforts will also strengthen Dubai’s Research and Development Programme, an initiative which aims to support key economic sectors and create new opportunities for growth by providing a comprehensive framework for research, development and innovation across the emirate across for priority areas: Health and Wellbeing; Environmental Technologies; Smart Built Infrastructure and Space.

DFL’s and JST’s leadership teams met to discuss the partnerships and protentional joint projects related to the JST Moonshot Research and Development Programme, with a special emphasis on Moonshot Goal 1:Realisation of a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050.

Khalifa Al Qa
ma, Executive Director of Dubai Future Labs, said, ‘We are committed to working with the world’s top researchers, experts and institutions to exchange knowledge and ideas to advance research and development in critical areas.’

‘The Japan Science and Technology Agency and DFL share a vision for a future enabled by technologies, where challenges are overcome through innovation. This collaboration will help unlock the potential of shared R and D and knowledge exchange, bringing minds together across borders to benefit the global community.’

Dr. Hashimoto Kazuhito, President of JST, said, ‘JST is one of the key organisations encouraging science, technology, and innovation in Japan. We believe it is extremely important to build an international network of multinational research partners, share information leading to the development of cutting-edge fields and technologies.’

‘Conducting demonstration tests in Dubai, will not only be very important for achieving the Moonshot Goal, but will also foster a new genera
tion of innovators with a global perspective through research and cooperative activities, and build a relationship that will enable both sides to grow to new heights. I would like to express my hope that this collaboration will lead to further development of research and development in the fields of robotics, digital and AI, including cybernetic avatars, and realise a “society free from the constraints of body, brain, space, and time’

Source: Emirates News Agency

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