Dubai Labour Court records adjudication rate of 123% in Q1, 2021

DUBAI, Chief Justice Jamal Al Jabri, Head of the Labour Court at the Dubai Courts, announced that the Labour Court recorded an adjudication rate of 123 percent in the first quarter of 2021, with 3,050 registered cases and 3,820 adjudicated cases.

The Labour Court also recorded an average period from registration to adjudication of 78.4 days, as part of the efforts of the Dubai Courts to facilitate and accelerate customers’ procedures, to advance the judicial system and enhance the country’s leadership in providing the best services and achieving the happiness of customers.

Al Jabri said that achieving these outcomes amidst the coronavirus pandemic and its associated precautionary measures highlighted the determination of the Dubai Courts, in general, and the Labour Court, in particular, to achieve further successes and ensure customer happiness, as well as to display the values of justice, independence and transparency.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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