Sharjah Chamber celebrates graduation of 11 participants of Strategic Business Leadership Programme

SHARJAH: The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) recently hosted a graduation ceremony for 11 participants of the Strategic Business Leadership Programme, which spanned several months under the theme ‘Begin your Successful Leadership Journey’. The participants comprised employees from both government and private-sector institutions and entities operating in the emirate.

Launched by SCCI’s Sharjah Training and Development Centre (STDC), the programme aims to strengthen participants’ skills and capacities to analyse data, present innovative solutions, and draft strategic plans for developing work systems, generating competitive advantage, and fostering a culture of innovation and creativity in work environments.

The ceremony was attended by Abdallah Sultan Al Owais, Chairman of SCCI, alongside other board members, and Najla Ahmed Al Midfa, Vice President of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre (Sheraa), as well as several officials and representatives from the participating public and private compa
nies and entities.

The Strategic Business Leadership Programme successfully attracted a distinguished group of promising talents from both the public and private sectors, including department and branch managers, their deputies, and heads of departments. It was notable for its diverse training modules, which covered a wide range of vital areas for improving institutional and organisational performance and developing skills essential for strategic decision-making.

The programme highlighted methods for building innovative strategies with a particular focus on mechanisms of business economic analysis and how to utilise economic indicators in administrative and financial decision-making to optimise resource efficiency.

Abdallah Sultan Al Owais affirmed that the Sharjah Chamber launched the programme as a part of its commitment to participating in the human resources development of government and private-sector institutions and agencies.

He highlighted the SCCI’s ongoing efforts to promote a culture of institu
tional quality.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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