Dubai Customs participates in Zayed University’s Partner Programme

Dubai, The Human Resources (HR) Division at Dubai Customs participated in the “Zayed University’s Partner Challenge” Programme to help polish students skills and talents through a number of smart challenges.

The training framework aims to familiarise the first year students with the field work environment and how to handle it.

Commenting on the initiative, Mohammed Al Ghaffari, Executive Director, Human Resources, Finance and Administration Division at Dubai Customs said, “Zayed University’s Partner Challenge enhances technical skills for university students and helps them keep pace with the accelerating world through innovation, creativity and smart problem-solving. We stepped in to provide training and development, which are the cores of Dubai Customs 2021-2026 strategic plan.

“The training we offer to Zayed University students is unconventional as it involves smart challenges to enhance students’ creativity and their ability to find solutions. When the initiative succeeds, it will be circulated to all sectors and departments in Dubai Customs following a specific timetable,” he added

Abdul Aziz Al Bloushi, senior manager of Corporate Development Section at the HR Division, pointed out the training programme that Dubai Customs provided to the students involves a number of challenges that needs to be addressed and solved in 3-6 months. Two HR employees will be allocated to manage each challenge presented to the students, and six students will work out to solve each challenge.

Al Bloushi also delivered a detailed presentation to Zayed University students during their field tour at Dubai Customs on the role of the human resources division in developing and qualifying the employees.

Source: Emirates News Agency