Hong Kong developer LOFTER Group achieved remarkable sales results after the government axed all property cooling measures

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 10 April 2024 – LOFTER Group (the Developer) has achieved remarkable sales results in its latest real estate development, Elize PARK. The Developer has witnessed an overwhelming response from buyers, with over 50% of the units being sold within a span of just one month after the Hong Kong government’s announcement to lift all cooling measures in stamp duty. Among the transactions made, the unit rate ranged from HK$22,125 to HK$29,025 per square feet, which outperformed other developments with similar offerings at the same time. The encouraging sales results came after the favourable government policy on stamp duty coupled with the Developer’s market positioning and sales strategy.Elize PARK, boutique residential development in core urban area, is positioned to be an affordable luxury

Elize PARK, LOFTER Group’s latest boutique residential development in core urban area of Mong Kok East, is situated in the very heart of Kowloon, enjoying a prime location with convenient access to both Prince Edward and Mong Kok East MTR Station, both are just around 2 minutes’ walking distance away. The superb connectivity ensures easy transportation and seamless connectivity to the rest of the city.

“We are thrilled with the exceptional sales results of Elize PARK. The affordability, combined with the exceptional quality and features of the development, has played a significant role in attracting buyers from diverse backgrounds.” said Carol Chow, founder and chairperson of LOFTER Group. “The overwhelming demand and positive feedback we received from buyers further validate our commitment to create exceptional living spaces that exceed market norms. We are dedicated to deliver world-class living experience that combines luxury, comfort, and convenience.”

Adding to its allure, Elize PARK benefits from its proximity to an upcoming 1,520,000 square feet commercial landmark architecture. This locality promises to bring a vibrant mix of retail, dining, and entertainment options, further enhancing the appeal of the area. Together with the existing retail malls surrounding Elize PARK, residents will enjoy a wealth of shopping and leisure options right at their doorstep.

The project sales and marketing plan and strategy

Elize PARK was first launched to the market in late-January 2024, when the residential market was less active, and Elize PARK being one of the first developments launched in 2024 successfully caught attention from the media, property agents and potential purchasers. After the relaxation of the cooling measures in stamp duty at the Budget Speech by the Hong Kong government in February 2024, Elize PARK, being a core location residential project, was greatly benefited. 12 units over total 52 units were sold in just 4 days’ time with sales proceeds of over HK$80Million. The development then attracted bulk purchasers and there were one purchaser buying 2 whole floors in the development and another purchasing one whole floor in the mid-floor zone. These sales record successfully attracted attention in the market and the Developer then adopted a strategy to look for higher price rather than focusing on quantity and the latest transacted unit was at HK$29,025 per square feet. Within a month after all property market cooling measures are axed by the Hong Kong government, over 50% of Elize PARK units were sold with sales proceeds of over HK$200million. The sales results distinctly outperformed the other competitors in the market.

LOFTER Group has adopted a flexible sales strategy with all residential units being sold by tender, which is not the most common in Hong Kong. Elize PARK, was initially launched with a price list with an average unit price of HK$26,688 per square feet featuring 30 units. When compared to other new developments in the same district, though with different specifications, Elize PARK was recognized as being priced 25%-30% higher. This strategy successfully positioned Elize PARK as a high-end product with high-priced launch. The Developer later adopted a new sales strategy to be sold through a tender bidding process instead of sticking with the price list released. For developers, benefits of tender include the potential to secure the highest bid and retain the option not to sell if the desired price is not reached, potentially maximizing profits. Developers also maintain control over the timing and pace of the sale. For buyers, tender is time-efficient, eliminating the need to queue and wait for registration or unit selection. It also allows buyers to focus on units they are interested in, reducing the likelihood of impulsive decisions.

“Elize PARK stands out among new developments due to its shorter presale period and limited offering of only 52 units total, making it a rare project. The tender process offers more flexibility and better aligns with the product’s targe market and buyers’ needs, attracted a wide range of clients eventually, including local and Chinese investors and end-users, bulk-purchase buyers and even a renowned local artist.” said Alvin Leung, Director of LOFTER Group.

LOFTER Group built a solid track record in the past few years

LOFTER Group, currently managing 8 redevelopment projects spanning across residential, retail, office and industrial asset classes with a project-under-management valued over HK$12,000million, covering a wide investor base from high-net-worth individuals, to family offices, to local fund houses, and to institutional real estate funds. LOFTER Group’s latest acquisition in core Tsim Sha Tsui, was partnered with two international funds, BentallGreenOak and Schroders Capital to redevelop the site into a Grade-A landmark commercial tower in the heart of Hong Kong.

LOFTER teams displayed a strong capability in strata-titled acquisition, construction project management, sales and marketing in the Hong Kong property market. LOFTER Group is one of the fastest emerging players in the Hong Kong real estate market. With its solid track records in the past years, the Developer is set to expand further targeting to take up more landmark projects in Hong Kong.

Founded in 2012, LOFTER GROUP is a property developer based in Hong Kong. It is principally engaged in developing exceptional and high-quality residential, commercial, retail, and industrial properties. Leverage on its extensive experience, the Group is actively exploring a variety of opportunities for developing urban renewal projects across core districts of Hong Kong, with key focus on Grade A Commercial and Luxury Residential Projects. The Group vows to accommodate the needs of a diverse market and dynamic social policies, while maintaining a good balance between profitability, responsibility and sustainability.

‫حققت مجموعة LOFTER المطوِرة في هونج كونج نتائج مبيعات ملحوظة بعد أن ألغت الحكومة جميع إجراءات تهدئة سوق العقارات

منطقة هونج كونج الإدارية الخاصة، – 10 أبريل 2024 – حققت مجموعةLOFTER  (المطوِرة) نتائج مبيعات ملحوظة في أحدث مشاريعها العقارية، إليز بارك (Elize PARK). شهد المطوِر استجابة هائلة من المشترين، حيث تم بيع أكثر من 50% من الوحدات في غضون شهر واحد فقط بعد إعلان حكومة هونغ كونغ رفع جميع إجراءات تهدئة السوق من حيث رسوم الدمغة. يتراوح سعر الوحدة، من بين المعاملات التي تم إجراؤها، بين 22,125 دولارًا هونغ كونغ إلى 29,025 دولارًا هونغ كونغ لكل قدم مربع، وهو ما يفوق المشروعات التطويرية الأخرى ذات العروض المماثلة في نفس الوقت. وجاءت نتائج المبيعات المشجعة بعد السياسة الحكومية المواتية بشأن رسوم الدمغة إلى جانب وضع المطور في السوق واستراتيجية المبيعات.

مشروع إليز بارك، وهو مشروع سكني مميز في المنطقة الحضرية الأساسية، تأسس ليكون مكانًا فاخرًا بأسعار معقولة

يقع مشروع إليز بارك، أحدث مشروع سكني مميز لمجموعة LOFTER في المنطقة الحضرية الأساسية في مونغ كوك الشرقية، في قلب مدينة كولون، ويتمتع بموقع متميز مع سهولة الوصول إلى كل من محطة الأمير إدوارد ومحطة قطار الأنفاق في مونغ كوك الشرقية، وكلاهما على بعد حوالي دقيقتين سيرًا على الأقدام. يضمن الاتصال الرائع سهولة النقل والاتصال السلس بباقي المدينة.

قالت كارول تشاو، مؤسس ورئيس مجموعة LOFTER  “نشعر بسعادة غامرة لما تحقق من نتائج المبيعات الاستثنائية لمشروع  إليز بارك. وقد لعبت الأسعار المعقولة، إلى جانب الجودة والميزات الاستثنائية للمشروع، دورًا مهمًا في جذب المشترين من خلفيات متنوعة”. كما قالت كذلك “إن الطلب الهائل والتعليقات الإيجابية التي تلقيناها من المشترين تؤكد التزامنا بإنشاء مساحات معيشة استثنائية تتجاوز معايير السوق. ونحن ملتزمون بتقديم تجربة معيشية عالمية المستوى تجمع بين الفخامة والراحة والملاءمة.”

إضافة إلى جاذبيتها، يستفيد مشروع إليز بارك من قربه من المشروع المعماري التجاري البارز الذي تبلغ مساحته 1,520,000 قدم مربع. تَعِد هذه المنطقة بتقديم مزيج حيوي من خيارات البيع بالتجزئة وتناول الطعام والترفيه، مما يعزز جاذبيتها. سيستمتع السكان بمجموعة كبيرة من خيارات التسوق والترفيه على عتبة مسكنهم مباشرةً، جنبًا إلى جنب مع مراكز البيع بالتجزئة الموجودة التي تحيط بمشروع إليز بارك.

خطة واستراتيجية مبيعات المشروع والتسويق له

تم إطلاق إليز بارك لأول مرة في السوق في أواخر يناير 2024، عندما كان السوق السكني أقل نشاطًا، وكان إليز بارك واحدًا من أولى المشاريع التطويرية التي تم إطلاقها في عام 2024 ونجحت في جذب انتباه وسائل الإعلام ووكلاء العقارات والمشترين المحتملين. بعد تخفيف إجراءات تهدئة السوق من حيث رسوم الدمغة في خطاب الميزانية الذي ألقته حكومة هونغ كونغ في فبراير 2024، استفاد مشروع إليز بارك بشكل كبير، كونه مشروعًا سكنيًا يتمتع بموقع أساسي. تم بيع 12 وحدة من إجمالي 52 وحدة في غضون 4 أيام فقط مع عائدات مبيعات تزيد عن 80 مليون دولار هونغ كونغ. اجتذب المشروع بعد ذلك المشترين بأعداد كبيرة، وكان هناك مشتري واحد يشتري طابقين كاملين في المشروع وآخر يشتري طابقًا كاملاً في منطقة الطوابق الوسطى. نجح سجل المبيعات هذا في جذب الانتباه في السوق، ثم اعتمد المطور استراتيجية البحث عن سعر أعلى بدلاً من التركيز على الكمية، وكانت آخر وحدة تم التعامل عليها بسعر 29,025 دولارًا هونغ كونغ لكل قدم مربع. في غضون شهر من إلغاء حكومة هونغ كونغ لجميع إجراءات تهدئة سوق العقارات، تم بيع أكثر من 50٪ من وحدات إليز بارك بعائدات مبيعات تزيد عن 200 مليون دولار هونغ كونغ. لقد تفوقت نتائج المبيعات بشكل واضح على المنافسين الآخرين في السوق.

اعتمدت مجموعة LOFTER استراتيجية مبيعات مرنة حيث يتم بيع جميع الوحدات السكنية عن طريق المناقصة، وهو أمر ليس الأكثر شيوعًا في هونغ كونغ. تم إطلاق مشروع إليز بارك في البداية بقائمة أسعار بمتوسط سعر وحدة يبلغ 26,688 دولارًا هونغ كونغ للقدم المربع ويضم 30 وحدة. عند مقارنته بالمشاريع الجديدة الأخرى في نفس المنطقة، ولكن بمواصفات مختلفة، يظهر أن سعر إليز بارك أعلى بنسبة 25٪ -30٪. نجحت هذه الاستراتيجية في وضع إليز بارك كمنتج رفيع المستوى للطرح في السوق بسعر مرتفع. اعتمد المطور لاحقًا استراتيجية مبيعات جديدة ليتم البيع من خلال عملية تقديم العطاءات بدلاً من الالتزام بقائمة الأسعار الصادرة. بالنسبة للمطورين، تشمل فوائد المناقصة إمكانية الحصول على أعلى عرض والاحتفاظ بخيار عدم البيع إذا لم يتم الوصول إلى السعر المطلوب، مما قد يؤدي إلى زيادة الأرباح. يحتفظ المطورون أيضًا بالسيطرة على توقيت ووتيرة البيع. بالنسبة للمشترين، تعتبر المناقصة فعالة من حيث الوقت، مما يلغي الحاجة إلى الوقوف في طوابير وانتظار التسجيل أو اختيار الوحدة. كما يسمح ذلك للمشترين بالتركيز على الوحدات التي يهتمون بها، مما يقلل من احتمالية اتخاذ قرارات متهورة.

قال ألفين ليونج، مدير مجموعة LOFTER  “يبرز مشروع إليز بارك بين المشروعات الجديدة بسبب فترة ما قبل البيع التي تعد أقصر من حيث طول المدة والعرض المحدود الذي يبلغ إجمالي 52 وحدة فقط، مما يجعله مشروعًا نادرًا. توفر عملية المناقصة المزيد من المرونة وتتوافق بشكل أفضل مع السوق المستهدف للمنتج واحتياجات المشترين، وقد اجتذبت عددًا كبيرًا من العملاء مؤخرًا، بما في ذلك المستثمرين المحليين والصينيين والمستخدمين النهائيين والمشترين بالجملة وحتى فنان محلي مشهور”.

قامت مجموعة LOFTER ببناء سجل حافل في السنوات القليلة الماضية

تدير مجموعة LOFTER حاليًا 8 مشاريع إعادة تطوير تمتد عبر فئات الأصول السكنية وأصول التجزئة والمكاتب والأصول الصناعية مع مشروع تحت الإدارة تبلغ قيمته أكثر من 12,000 مليون دولار هونج كونج، ويغطي قاعدة واسعة من المستثمرين بدءًا من الأفراد ذوي الثروات العالية، إلى المكاتب العائلية، إلى دور الصناديق المحلية، والصناديق العقارية المؤسسية. تمت عملية الاستحواذ الأخيرة لمجموعة LOFTER في منطقة تسيم شا تسوي (Tsim Sha Tsui) الأساسية بالشراكة مع صندوقين دوليين، وهما بنتال جرين أوك (BentallGreenOak)  وشرودرز كابيتال (Schroders Capital) لإعادة تطوير الموقع إلى برج تجاري بارز من الدرجة الأولى في قلب هونغ كونغ.

أظهرت فرق LOFTER قدرة قوية في عمليات الاستحواذ على ملكية الوحدات، وإدارة مشاريع البناء، والمبيعات، والتسويق في سوق العقارات في هونغ كونغ. تعد مجموعة LOFTER واحدة من أسرع الشركات الناشئة في سوق العقارات في هونغ كونغ. من المقرر أن يقوم المطور، بفضل سجلاته القوية في السنوات الماضية، بتوسيع نطاق الاستهداف ليشمل المزيد من المشاريع البارزة في هونغ كونغ.

مجموعة LOFTER

تأسست مجموعة LOFTER في عام 2012، وهي مطور عقاري مقره في هونغ كونغ. وهي تعمل بشكل رئيسي في تطوير العقارات الاستثنائية وعالية الجودة سواء كانت سكنية أو تجارية أو وحدات تجزئة أو صناعية. وتعمل المجموعة بنشاط، من خلال الاستفادة من خبرتها الواسعة، لاستكشاف مجموعة متنوعة من الفرص لتطوير مشاريع التجديد الحضري عبر المناطق الأساسية في هونغ كونغ، مع التركيز بشكل رئيسي على المشاريع السكنية التجارية والفاخرة من الدرجة الأولى. وتتعهد المجموعة بتلبية احتياجات السوق المتنوعة والسياسات الاجتماعية الديناميكية، مع الحفاظ على توازن جيد بين الربحية والمسؤولية والاستدامة.

The occupation releases four prisoners from Jenin

<p> Jenin – Ma’an – On Tuesday evening, the occupation authorities released a number of prisoners from Jenin Governorate. The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club reported that the occupation authorities released the blind prisoner, Izz al-Din Ahmed Amarneh (58 years old), from the town of Ya’bad, south of Jenin, after he spent two years and a month in the occupation prisons. Prisoner Amarneh was released at Al-Dhaheriya checkpoint in the city of Hebron, where he was imprisoned in the Negev prison. It is noteworthy that the occupation forces arrested Amarneh on February 21, 2022, and three administrative detention orders were issued against him. He went on a hunger strike for 12 days during his arrest. The editor, Amarneh, is a former prisoner who was arrested more than 10 times previously, and spent more than 9 years in occupation prisons, most of which were in administrative detention. The occupation authorities released the wounded prisoner Nour al-Din Saber Muhammad Jarbou from Jenin camp, after he spent two yea rs in the occupation prisons. Prisoner Jarbou was released at Ni’lin checkpoint in Ramallah district, where he was staying in the Ramla prison clinic. Jarbou was arrested on April 9, 2022, and suffered several severe injuries from occupation bullets during his arrest, causing him to become partially paralyzed. At the beginning of his arrest, he was transferred to the Israeli ‘Rambam’ Hospital, and later to the ‘Ramla Prison Clinic.’ Montaser Sammour, director of the Prisoners’ Club in Jenin, stated that Jarbou has faced serious medical negligence since his arrest, which led to him suffering from infections and severe ulcers on his body. The prison administration deliberately did not provide him with a special mattress, and as a result of his inability to move, this led to the occurrence of these ulcers. And he suffers from serious infections. The severe injury, in addition to his paralysis, resulted in an opening in his back with a wound 25 cm long and 10 cm deep, and rot in the area of ??the injury. He w as transferred several times to the Israeli ‘Assaf Harofeh’ Hospital. The occupation authorities also released the prisoner Shadi Tahseen Ahmed Turkman from the town of Ya’bad, after he spent 4 years and two months in the occupation prisons. Prisoner Turkman was released at Al-Dhahriya checkpoint, where he was held in Nafha prison. He has been detained since February 10, 2020. The occupation authorities also released prisoner Mohsen Hassan Kamil from the town of Qabatiya, south of Jenin, after he spent two years in administrative detention in the occupation prisons. Prisoner Kamil was released at Al-Dhahriya checkpoint, where he was held in the ‘Naqab’ prison, and he has been detained since 3/30/2022. It is noteworthy that prisoner Kamil obtained a ‘substantial decision’ from the Supreme Court of Occupation to release him on 11/24/2023, and upon the date of his release, he was transferred again to administrative detention. Source: Maan News Agency

Armed Forces announce targeting four Israeli & American ships in Gulf of Aden

<P> Triumphing to the oppressed Palestinian people and in retaliation to the American-British aggression against our country. The naval forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out four military operations this morning, as follows: The targeting of two Israeli ships, the first was (MSC Darwin) ship, and the other one (MSC GINA), which was targeted again in the Gulf of Aden. The targeting the American ship (MAERSK YORKTOWN) in the Gulf of Aden. The targeting of an American warship in the Gulf of Aden with a number of drones. The ships were targeted with a number of suitable naval missiles and drones. The Yemeni Armed Forces persist with their military operations, enforcing a blockade on Israeli navigation in Red and Arabian Seas as well as the Indian Ocean, until a ceasefire is achieved and the siege on Gaza is lifted. Source: Yemen News Agency

4 killed in a shooting incident in Nazareth

<p> Nazareth Together – 4 people were killed and 6 others were injured, including three seriously injured, as a result of being exposed to gunfire in the Al-Fakhoura neighborhood in the city of Nazareth. This Tuesday evening. According to eyewitnesses, an armed man entered a house in the city and opened fire on those inside the house. Paramedics from Magen David Adom treated the four injured people who were unconscious. Medical teams from Magen David Adom confirmed the death of 3 people after attempts to save their lives failed, while resuscitation operations were provided to other injured people, whose condition was described as critical. The crime also resulted in a woman, in her forties, sustaining serious injuries, and another woman in her seventies, with injuries described as moderate to minor. The injured were quickly referred to the English and Italian Hospitals in Nazareth and the HaEmek Hospital in Afula to complete treatment. Source: Maan News Agency

Revolution Leader congratulates Islamic nation on Eid Al-Fitr occasion

<P> The Revolution Leader, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, extended his congratulations and blessings to the entire Islamic nation, in particular the Palestinian people and their Mujahideen in Gaza Strip, on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Fitr. In his twenty-fifth lecture , Sayyed Leader also extended his congratulations and blessings to the dear Yemeni people and their dear Mujahideen stationed on all fronts. He pointed out that the Mujahideen in Gaza combined the virtue of fasting and the virtue of good deeds with the virtue of jihad as they faced the enemies of God and the enemies of humanity in a holy battle and in the most honorable field. He said, “We extend our congratulations and blessings to the sons of the dear Palestinian people stationed in Al-Aqsa Mosque, -Quds, the West Bank, and all parts of Palestine.” The Revolution Leader pointed out that Eid al-Fitr is an occasion to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and love between Muslims and relatives, and other Islamic values, stressin g the importance of taking care to pay Zakat al-Fitr, which is obligatory and legitimate, to console the poor on the day of Eid. He stated that one of the indicators of the acceptance of fasting is the positive psychological effect that a person feels in himself , thus in the reality of his life and actions. He said, ‘It is from the grace and grace of God Almighty that He has enabled our people to contribute to the victory of the Palestinian people and carry the banner of jihad.’ The Leader pointed out that the Yemeni people are waging an actual battle against the enemies of God and the enemies of humanity. He added, ‘We are in the reality of a war against the Israeli enemy and a jihad against the Americans and the British who are aggressors against our country.’ He stated that the American and British are attacking our country to support the Israeli enemy and protect its crimes and siege on Gaza Strip. He also pointed out that the military position, mobilization, and the weekly exit of millions are what G od has enabled the Yemeni people to do, in contrast to the failure of most Islamic countries. He stressed the importance of everyone being keen to move and beware of laziness, considering that going out on a weekly basis is an available work that integrates with the rest of the work. Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi expressed his thanks to all those who organized and contributed to the success of the second conference, ‘Palestine is the Nation’s Central Issue,’ which was held in Sana’a with participation from various continents. He pointed out that it is important to return the mobilization activities that stopped during the month of Ramadan on a greater level. He considered paying attention to agriculture a very important issue, and everyone should pay attention to agriculture, especially with the arrival of the agricultural season, as well as seeking to reclaim more land, cultivate it, benefit from the rainy season, and initiate the construction of more barriers and dams. The revolution leader po inted out the importance of activating the agricultural associations that were established, addressing the obstacles to their activity, activating social initiatives during the planting season, creating barriers, reclaiming lands, providing seeds and plowing… urging the official side to be cooperative and contribute to activating the associations. He warned farmers to beware of buying solar energy units through usurious methods, pointing out that selling through usurious methods is dangerous, and the official side should prevent it, while farmers should beware of buying using usurious methods. He said, “Farmers must pay attention to paying zakat and realize that one of the most important things that helps with blessings and good things is paying zakat.” The revolution leader called on the official authorities and the private sector to absorb the local product in their factories and transform it into local manufactures, and merchants should accept the local product in purchasing and distributing it instea d of manufactures imported from abroad. He stressed the need to pay attention to summer courses after the month of Ramadan because of their great benefit in caring for the emerging generation, providing them with knowledge and awareness, and protecting them from misguidance and negative influences. Source: Yemen News Agency