A Professor At The University Of Basra, Among The 10 Most Important Scientists In The World In Nanotechnology

Assistant President of the University of Basra for Scientific Affairs, specializing in nanotechnology, Ali Hussein Rashak, ranked first among the top 2% of researchers around the world, according to what was published by Stanford University in the United States.

The university media stated: “Rashak was chosen because he is one of the 10 most important scientists in the world in nanotechnology and holds a group of patents registered globally in rare scientific specializations.”

It added, “Rashak was ranked as the first scientist at the level of Iraq and the Middle East, and was among ten scientists at the level of the world. He had the highest H-index at the University of Basra and other Iraqi universities. He published more than 550 international papers, and the number of citations to his published research reached more than 15,000 citations and quotations, as well as classifications for five consecutive years as one of the best 2% of research scientists in the world announced at Stanford University in the United States.

Rashak received the Knights of Scientific Research shield and was nominated for the title of Iraqi scientist at the University of Basra. He was considered the only Iraqi scientist to receive the Abdul Hameed Shoman International Award as the best Arab scientist. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate in engineering by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad. He also worked in a large number of prestigious international universities in Europe and Asia.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency