Deputy governor of Sana’a inspects services level at tourist sites

The Undersecretary of Sana’a province for the services sector, Fares Al-Kahali, inspected today the level of services in tourist sites and parks in the province during the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday.

Where the Undersecretary Al-Kahali, along with the Director of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in the province, Fahd Attia, the Human Resources Abdul-Karim Al-Salami, and the Deputy Director of Finance, Ali Dahan, were briefed on the services provided by the Office of Health, Traffic, Cleaning, Improvement, Civil Defense, and Security in all tourist sites.

In turn, the Director General of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund confirmed that cleaning work in all tourist sites and parks continues around the clock before the Eid days, pointing to the large influx of citizens from the capital’s secretariat and the preservation of natural sites.

In turn, a number of visitors expressed their happiness with the presence of these outlets and parks, which were almost non-existent and limited to the capital’s secretariat gardens, praising the security, traffic and health services and arrangements they had experienced.

Source: Yemen News Agency