Human Rights Commission in Diyala: Narcotics spread in the poorest areas and suffer from unemployment

The High Commission for Human Rights in Diyala attributed the reasons for the spread of narcotics in the province to the absence of solutions that address the economic and social conditions.

Director of the Human Rights office in the province, Salah al-Majami, told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that narcotic substances spread in the poorest areas that suffer from high unemployment, as the rate of abuse among young people in poor areas reaches 70%.

He added that the real program to reduce the phenomenon of drug abuse lies in the real treatment of the economic and social conditions and work on cultural awareness seminars in universities, educational institutions and religious and cultural platforms.

He pointed out that the trafficking gangs are exploiting women and juveniles to promote and transport drugs. He confirmed the arrest of 14,000 drug users and traffickers, including women, according to official reports for last year.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency