Irbid’s Industrial Sector Sees 6.9% Decline in Exports

Irbid: The Irbid Chamber of Industry (ICI) issued certificates of origin totaling $207.4 million during the first quarter of 2024, reflecting a decrease of 6.9 percent compared to the same period in 2023, where certificates valued at $222.8 million were issued.

According to the ICI’s report released Wednesday, an increase in the number of certificates of origin issued by the Chamber was recorded, reaching 3,065 certificates compared to 2,665 certificates issued during the corresponding period last year.

Among the various sectors, the leather and textile industries saw a decline of 8 percent, constituting 86.6 percent of Irbid’s total industrial exports. However, there was a modest growth in the therapeutic industries, medical supplies, and engineering sectors, with growth rates of 13.7 percent and 26.5 percent, respectively.

A breakdown of exports revealed that the leather and knitted industries led the export portfolio at $177.6 million. This was followed by the catering, food, agricultural, and livestock
sectors at approximately $11.6 million, and therapeutic industries and medical supplies contributing $7.2 million. Other sectors, such as chemical and cosmetics industries, engineering, electrical, and information technology industries, also made contributions to the export portfolio.

Hani Abu Hassan, President of the ICI, attributed the decline in exports primarily to the decrease in woven exports. He noted that woven exports’ reduced contribution accounted for a notable portion of the overall decrease in industrial exports from the Irbid Governorate.

In terms of export destinations, the United States absorbed 66.3 percent of ICI’s exports, indicating a strong bilateral trade relationship. Additionally, exports under the Arab agreement saw a modest increase, reaching approximately $18.6 million, while other agreements constituted 78.7 percent of the total exports facilitated by the Chamber.

Source: Jordan News Agency