Meeting of Shura Council Constitutional & Judicial Committee

The Constitutional, Legal and Judicial Committee of the Shura Council held a meeting today, headed by the Speaker of the Council, Muhammad Hussein Al-Aidaroos.

The meeting, which included the Head of the Committee, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kabsi, and members of the Committee, reviewed the topics related to the Committee’s activity within its plan for the year 1445 AH, and the Committee’s proposals submitted to the Presidency of the Council on a number of topics related to its vision of reducing the remains of the bodies of those killed in inter-conflicts in hospital refrigerators and addressing the imbalancesTraffic.

The meeting touched on the efforts made by the Traffic Authority in the Municipality of the Capital and the provinces in organizing traffic to reduce traffic congestion, and the importance of amendments to the current traffic law aimed at achieving more successes in organizing traffic movements, controlling violations, and alleviating traffic congestion.

He stressed the importance of working in coordination with the various council committees on issues related to developing the performance of the committee and other committees in a way that contributes to developing the general performance of the council.

Al-Aidaroos stressed the importance of working to develop appropriate proposals that contribute to addressing the shortcomings of the judiciary and help bring about radical changes to reform the judicial system in line with the directions of the revolutionary leadership in this regard.

Source: Yemen News Agency