OIC calls for investigation into Israeli occupation crimes against Palestinian prisoners

Amman: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Wednesday called for an investigation into all crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian prisoners.

On the occasion of Palestinian Prisoner’s Day, the OIC expressed its concern over the intensification of arbitrary arrest campaigns carried out by the occupation in the occupied Palestinian territories, which led to an increase in the number of prisoners to more than 9500.

The OIC renewed its condemnation of the Israeli occupation practices that led to the martyrdom of 16 Palestinian prisoners in its prisons since October 7, in addition to the martyrdom of 27 prisoners from the Gaza Strip due to torture and medical neglect.

The OIC affirmed that the calamity of Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons embodies a cause of lost justice and stolen rights and victims who did not find justice to support them against the most heinous inhumane practices against them by depriving them of the most basic human rights, persecution, neglect,
and isolation, in addition to subjecting them to physical and psychological torture, in flagrant violation of all standards and rules stipulated by international humanitarian law and the Human Rights Charter.

The OIC called on the international community and competent human rights institutions to assume their responsibilities and oblige the occupation authorities to deal with Palestinian prisoners in accordance with the Geneva Conventions, international humanitarian law, and all provisions of the relevant international conventions.

The OIC reiterated its solidarity and support for the rights of Palestinian prisoners, its support for their steadfastness, and its commitment to communicate their message and suffering to the international community in order to achieve freedom and justice for them.

Source: Jordan News Agency