QUINTET AMBASSADORS REAFFIRM COMMITMENT TO FACILITATE LEBANESE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONAl-Manfi discusses with the British Ambassador developments in the political situation in Libya.

The ambassadors of the Quintet met on Wednesday to reaffirme their determination to facilitate and support the election of a President, they exchanged on the last developpements and contacts that took place in Lebanon and in the region. They also discussed the next steps to be taken.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

Tripoli: Today, Wednesday, at the Council’s headquarters, the President of the Presidential Council, ‘Mohamed Al-Manfi,’ discussed with the British Ambassador to the State of Libya, ‘Martin Longden,’ the latest political developments in Libya, and pushing them forward to reach the elections as soon as possible.

The Presidential Information Office reported that the meeting discussed the progress made in the national reconciliation project, and the preparations for the inclusive forum that will be held in April of this year, in addition to Britain’s support for the Supreme Finance Committee as a tool that ensures fair distribution of resources with disclosure, transparency, and rationalization of spending.

According to the office, Al-Manfi affirmed during the meeting his keenness to continue consultations with all parties with the aim of reaching a comprehensive political settlement that leads to free and fair elections to which all Libyans are satisfied, stressing that the comprehensive forum will be a new b
eginning for tolerance and amnesty among Libyans.

Source: Libyan News Agency