Sharjah Libraries organises reading debate

SHARJAH, As part of the activities of the Month of Reading, The Sharjah Libraries hosted a student debate titled “Reading and its patterns between the traditional method and the modern ways” in Wadi Al Helo Public Library. The debate attracted high school students from Sharjah, Ras Al Kaimah, Wadi Al Helo, Al Munai’i, and Shawka School for Boys. The debate aimed to enrich the activities of the “Month of Reading” with mental and intellectual activities that contribute to enhancing the personal growth of students in order to enrich their cultural information, and to encourage individuals and students to practise reading as a daily habit. The debate, which was moderated by Dr. Ahmed Farrag Al Ajmi, Professor of Arabic at the Ministry of Education, dealt with the advanced habits of reading in the modern era, where Dr. Farrag highlighted the importance of encouraging reading and its impact on enhancing the culture and knowledge of young people.

Khoder Nashar/ Hazem Hussein

Source: Emirates News Agency