Bin Habtoor offers his condolences on death of businessman Athban

Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor sent a message of condolences and condolences on the death of businessman Hajj Muhammad Mubarak Athban – Chairman of the Athban Commercial and Investment Group of Companies, after a life full of giving.

He stressed that Yemen lost, with the passing of the deceased Athban, a national and commercial figure known for his humanitarian and charitable giving over the past decades.
Source: Yemen News Agency

Mass marches in Hodeida to support of Palestinian people

Hodeida governorate witnessed mass marches in support of the Palestinian people under the slogan ‘With you until victory, and Americans will not stop us.’

The participants affirmed their full preparedness to confront the forces of global arrogance.

The crowds blessed the heroic operations of the armed forces and the missile force, which warmed the hearts of all free people in the world.

The statement renewed the people’s demand for the Yemeni armed forces to continue naval operations against Israeli ships or those cooperating with the Zionist enemy.
Source: Yemen News Agency

Hajjah governor reviews irrigation canal project

The Governor of Hajjah reviewed the rehabilitation and reclamation project of Imam Canal in the Bani Qais District.

The total cost of the first phase of the project is 51 million riyals, funded by the Agricultural Committee.

The governor was briefed on the level of achievement and the difficulties being faced.
Source: Yemen News Agency


DiGen Art, short for “Digitally Generated Art,” proudly opened its doors yesterday, ushering in a new era for art enthusiasts in Lebanon. Located in the vibrant Hamra District of Beirut, DiGen Art is the first gallery in Lebanon exclusively dedicated to digital art.

With a mission to propel the digital art movement in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), DiGen Art is committed to extensive research, public education, and uplifting emerging artists. The gallery’s vision is to celebrate the rich cultural history of the region, especially its pioneering role in algorithmic art practices while ensuring that MENA remains an integral part of the global digital revolution.

“At DiGen, we are captivated by the convergence of art and technology, exploring a diverse array of art forms including digital illustration/animation, creative coding, Artificial Intelligence art (AI art), Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR), and other exciting applications of upcoming technologies” says Alex Rayes, co-founder of D
iGen Art.

The gallery’s flagship space in Beirut transcends traditional boundaries, serving as not just an art gallery but also a dynamic creative space and laboratory. Here, experimentation with new technologies is encouraged, complemented by a growing library of relevant books and a calendar of engaging events, including hackathons, lectures, and workshops.

The gallery space itself boasts screens of various sizes, displaying an array of static and dynamic art pieces created with digital tools such as creative software, coding, and AI.

DiGen Art also proudly showcases its private collection of generative art dating from the 1970s to the present, offering visitors a unique journey through the evolution of digital creativity.

“The transformation of art into a digital expression of our identities is reshaping the art world, and we are determined to lead this revolution” adds Camille Hajjar, co-founder.

The co-founders of DiGen Art, the epicenter of digital art in Lebanon invite artists, collectors, enthusi
asts, and the curious alike to join them for an unforgettable journey of innovation and inspiration and are looking forward to welcoming them in their new space.
Source: National news agency – Lebanon


National News Agency correspondent in Tyre reported that the southern Lebanese towns of Marwahin, Jabal Blat, Ramya, and the outskirts of Naqoura, Jabal al-Labouneh, and Alma al-Shaab, were subjected to hostile artillery shelling.

NNA correspondent in Tyre reported that enemy air raids targeted Hamoul al-Naqoura and the vicinity of Ain al-Zarqa.

NNA correspondent in Marjeyoun reported that Israeli enemy warplanes flew at a very low altitude over several areas, including Marjeyoun

Enemy warplanes also flew at low altitude over al-Khardali, breaking the sound barrier.
Source: National news agency – Lebanon

Endowments Office in Hodeida launches mosque services workshop

The Endowments Office in Hodeida governorate launched two mobile workshop projects for mosque services and cleaning and wash the houses of Allah in the governorate.

At the inauguration, the director of the Authority’s office explained that the mobile workshop comes within the Authority’s plan and programs to enhance the improvement of the services of the Houses of Allah and ensure the improvement of the cleanliness of mosques.
Source: Yemen News Agency